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Men Who Wear Skinny Leg Pants Need To Burn In Hell

Posted in January 2010, Random with tags , , , , , , , on January 14, 2010 by B. Jones

I love men who keep up with fashion.  In fact I’ve been encouraging my boyfriend to  try this “retro” look that Cosmo magazine featured in one of their magazines (You know the look where the pants are a tad bit tighter and there’s the skinny tie?  Yeah I find that to be extremely sexy.)  Well, I remember when skinny leg pants came out for girls and I fell in love with them.  Then they came out for guys.  When they first emerged I only saw punk rock White guys sporting the look and I said to myself, “Those are some men that aren’t afraid of being fashionable.” Fast-forward to 2009 and the beginning of 2010 and I think that all these men need to burn in hell.  How could men ruin such a simple look that doesn’t need much altering?  Well easily of course!

The first problem with men wearing skinny leg pants is that a lot of men are Continue reading


When They Come Crawling Back

Posted in January 2010, Life with tags , , , , , , on January 8, 2010 by B. Jones

Hey readers!  I haven’t done a decent post in a minute and I apologize.  So much has been going on in my life lately.  I just turned 20 a few days ago, school started back up for Spring semester, and that means it’s study time.  I couldn’t quite figure out what to write for you all because I was having a serious case of writer’s block, but that all just changed a few minutes ago.  Why you ask?  Well I have this….male.  I met him during my 11th grade year of high school.  My aunt had tried to hook me up with him because she said he was a nice, polite, and cute young man that worked out at her job bagging groceries.  Well we use to talk and when we finally met up things didn’t go anywhere near expected.  He was the first guy that I had actually talked to in hopes of being in a relationship so when we decided to meet up I was so worried.  I had really low self-esteem back in my teenage years due to my acne so I prayed that when we met my personality would make him ignore the fact that I had teenage acne and left over scars.  When he called me to figure out where I was he said, “I don’t see you.  The only girl I see parked by the light pole is ugly.” At that moment my heart sunk.  I was the girl at the light pole and it’s moments like this when our flight or fight response kicks in.  I wanted to crank my car up and drive off, but in the back of my head I told myself no.  I stayed and I met him.  The one thing I remember about meeting him was when he told me, “I’m gonna take you out and show you things you’ve never seen before.” After our meeting he suddenly became…different. Continue reading

Advice To Tiger Woods: Marry A Black Woman!

Posted in December 2009, Random with tags , , , , , , , , on December 16, 2009 by B. Jones

Dear Tiger Woods,

I have expressed my undying love for you previously, and that hasn’t changed…completely.  As I sat down at the table with my Mom she informed me that you were up to mistress number 16.  Tiger, my dear, when did you find the time to sleep with all these women?  I mean honestly, between juggling a wife, two kids, and being the number 1 golfer in the world I just don’t understand.  To top it off I just don’t see how your wife didn’t notice a change in your attitude.  I know your world is slowly crashing down on you.  You’ve taken an indefinite break from golf, you’re losing endorsement deals left and right, and to top it you’re probably about to lose half of your multi-million dollar fortune.  So, because of all of these horrible things happening to you I have come up with a solution to your problem: Marry a Black woman. Now I know what you’re think, “A Black woman?  Why that’s just unimaginable.  What will the guys at the country club think about me?” Well my dear, what are they saying about you now?  They’re probably laughing and rejoicing at the fact that now they will have an opportunity to capture a win at the Masters this upcoming April (hopefully you’ll be back before then).

If you marry a Black woman Continue reading

Five Things I Prefer To Only Do With Men

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While I was over at one of my favorite blogs Until I Get Married one particular blog caught my eye entitled, Five Things I Can Only Do With WomenSo while I was driving home for Christmas Break I started thinking of things that I prefer to do only with a male companion.  So here we go, 5 Things I Prefer To Do With Men:

1.) See a scary movie-I don’t like scary movie, so if and when I watch a scary movie be it my house or the theater a man better be sitting next to me.  No offense to my fellow females who can go and see a scary movie without screaming, but when that music comes on letting the audience know that something is about to go down I want to grab onto a man’s arm (I’d prefer for the man to have a nice bicep, but beggars can’t be choosy.)  Following the movie I’d like to  be asked if I were scared (although they already know I was) with me responding “No,” and resulting in some hands on flirting.

2.) Ask how a dress looks-Okay, this depends on where I’m going.  If I’m looking for a dress to wear to the pastor’s church anniversary I’ll ask my Mom or some other female.  If I’m looking for a dress to wear to the club a male will be my voice of reason.  The reason being is that females try to be too critical of clothing. “Oh girl, that red just doesn’t look right with your complexion” or “I wouldn’t really like it for myself, but…”  I don’t care if you like it for yourself, it’s my dress.  A guy on the other, a straight one, will give you the opinion you want. “That looks sexy on you” or “That looks like something my mom would wear.” If I’m going to the club I want sexy, I don’t want any man to look at me and get flashbacks of their mom. Continue reading

If You Are God’s Gift To The World, I Hope He Has A Good Return Policy

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I love men.  I love Black men.  I love White men.  I love Mixed men.  I love tall men.  I love short men.  I love the intelligent ones.  I love the not so intelligent ones.  I love the mature ones.  I love tolerate the immature ones.  I love the grounded men.  I HATE men who think they’re God’s gift to the World. Continue reading

Things A Man Should Never Say To Me During First Encounters

Posted in December 2009, Relationship with tags , , , , , on December 13, 2009 by B. Jones

Today is another rainy and cold day down in Georgia.  I have two finals tomorrow, but I had a spur of the moment thought about how I’ve only had one boyfriend yet plenty of dudes from my age all the way up to being eligible for AARP with one foot in the grave have hit on me.  I then realized that there was a reason as to why I didn’t talk to these men…the lines that they’d come at me with were ridiculous.  Now I am what many Black men classify as being a bougie, stuck-up light-skin chick who thinks she’s better then everyone.  This isn’t the case in fact I’m far from any of those things.  If the male population approached more women like myself in the correct manner you wouldn’t receive the cold shoulder everytime.  So here’s a list of things NOT to say to me or any other woman:

  1. “Ay girl…”-I believe on my birth certificate under “Name” it does not list me as being named “Girl.”  I know “Ay girl…” is usually followed by “…what’s your name,” but damn it why can’t you walk up to me in a nice gentleman type manner and say, “Excuse me, my name is (insert name here). What’s your name?” No matter a females mood I feel she’s obligated to reply in a nice manner to you.  From there you can spark up an interesting conversation.
  2. “Ay ma…”-(1) I did not push you out of my womb so I am not your “ma.” I will make an exception to this though.  If you’re Latino you have a pass to come up to me and call me “mamacita.” (2)  Saying this reminds me of how old married men start calling their wives “ma.” I’m 19, don’t make me feel old. Continue reading