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Would You Get Engaged Without Receiving A Ring?

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Today my friend and I were discussing college students getting engaged and I couldn’t help mentioning a classmate of ours who got engaged a month before we went to college.  As a female when I hear someone is engaged I can’t help, but ask about the ring.  I know for a fact that if were to get engaged I’d be posting pictures all on my Facebook page so my friends would see my three stone  princess-cut Tiffany’s ring ring.  I waited and waited for her to post photos up, but she never did.  Because she didn’t post pictures I asked her if she was really engaged because people liked to get Facebook engaged for some reason.  To my astonishment she really was engaged.  I saw her about four months later and the first thing I wanted to see was her ring.  I grabbed her hand and to my amazement I saw Continue reading


Advice To Tiger Woods: Marry A Black Woman!

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Dear Tiger Woods,

I have expressed my undying love for you previously, and that hasn’t changed…completely.  As I sat down at the table with my Mom she informed me that you were up to mistress number 16.  Tiger, my dear, when did you find the time to sleep with all these women?  I mean honestly, between juggling a wife, two kids, and being the number 1 golfer in the world I just don’t understand.  To top it off I just don’t see how your wife didn’t notice a change in your attitude.  I know your world is slowly crashing down on you.  You’ve taken an indefinite break from golf, you’re losing endorsement deals left and right, and to top it you’re probably about to lose half of your multi-million dollar fortune.  So, because of all of these horrible things happening to you I have come up with a solution to your problem: Marry a Black woman. Now I know what you’re think, “A Black woman?  Why that’s just unimaginable.  What will the guys at the country club think about me?” Well my dear, what are they saying about you now?  They’re probably laughing and rejoicing at the fact that now they will have an opportunity to capture a win at the Masters this upcoming April (hopefully you’ll be back before then).

If you marry a Black woman Continue reading

12 Rules for A Successful Relationship –

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12 Rules for A Successful Relationship –

I always LOVE the Essence magazine articles that are on love and relationships, they speech so much truth.

12 rules for a successful relationship:

1. Never yell unless there is a fire.
2. Your first romantic efforts are usually your tools for longevity never throw them away.
3. Always renovate the structure of your relationship nothing new can ever grow on old soil.
4. If you follow rule three you will remain in tact through any storm.
5. If one person is finance someone has to be management, each individual should respect the others job.
6. Sacrifice things that are in reason for the benefit of the relationship.
7. Give from your heart and never from your mouth for the heart has no mouth for speaking only actions for doing!
8. Listen to your partner don’t hear them! When you are truly listening you are not thinking of your rebuttal or contemplating your defense.
9. Want for your partner what you would want for yourself.
10. Saying that you are working on your bad habits is just an excuse for delaying the change. The cure is simple change the bad habit.
11. Keep the arguments clean and the sex dirty.
12. Communication is key Democritus Of Abdera said it best: “To do all the talking and not willing to listen is a form of greed.”

Nicholas “Sixx” King is a Los Angeles-based single father, producer, activist and author of the forthcoming book “Giving Love A Chance: The Secrets to Men, Women & Relationships.”