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Would You Get Engaged Without Receiving A Ring?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on January 15, 2010 by B. Jones

Today my friend and I were discussing college students getting engaged and I couldn’t help mentioning a classmate of ours who got engaged a month before we went to college.  As a female when I hear someone is engaged I can’t help, but ask about the ring.  I know for a fact that if were to get engaged I’d be posting pictures all on my Facebook page so my friends would see my three stone  princess-cut Tiffany’s ring ring.  I waited and waited for her to post photos up, but she never did.  Because she didn’t post pictures I asked her if she was really engaged because people liked to get Facebook engaged for some reason.  To my astonishment she really was engaged.  I saw her about four months later and the first thing I wanted to see was her ring.  I grabbed her hand and to my amazement I saw Continue reading


Why I Will Always Love Tiger Woods

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on December 12, 2009 by B. Jones

Tiger Woods will forever be the first athlete I had a crush on.  When he hit the golf course in 1997 for his first Masters Tournament in my hometown of Augusta it was love at first sight.  My love and deep admiration for him continued all the way until he started bringing his soon to be wife, Elin, to the tournaments.  {I would like to note that his game went downhill for awhile when he got with her which just adds to the stereotype that a White woman will bring down a brother<—Yes, Tiger is a brother.  Screw that cablasian stuff.}  You see I have always thought that Tiger Woods was a handsome mixed man with intelligence (He went to Standford for those he didn’t know), athleticism (He’s a golfer, but he has the body of God from some ads I’ve seen), and did I mention his looks?  Yes, Tiger Woods made me want to pick up a set of golf clubs and wear his infamous red and black outfit that he would wear every Sunday for the last day of the Masters.  Black people loved him (even if he didn’t want to say he was one of us) and White people loved him even more.  If there was one thing that we all could agree upon it was that Tiger Woods changed the face of the golfing world and we all loved him.

Rewind back to a couple of weeks ago when it was reported that he got into a car accident and the sh*t hit the fan.  It was reported that his wife literally busted the windows out of his car when she found out he had a mistress.  Well, one mistress became two and two mistresses became thirteen. Continue reading