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The Power of the P*ssy

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Today I had to read the story of creation for my Classical Mythology class and of course it included the story of Adam & Eve.  I don’t care what your religious beliefs are 9 times out of 10 you will know the story of Adam & Eve even if you grew up in an atheist household you’ve had friends recant the story for you at least once.  Well, while I was reading a this story (something I haven’t read in YEARS!) I realized how much power woman has had over man since the beginning of time.  Despite Adam being here first and knowing that God told him not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge he caved in after Eve told him to try it out because it was good.

As we all know, Adam was lonely for a couple of years before God realized he needed a partner in life.  It’s stated that “…a man shall leave his father and his mother and cling to his wife.” (Genesis 2: 25) Just reading the word “cling” makes me think that God was sitting Adam up for failure with this woman. Continue reading


When They Come Crawling Back

Posted in January 2010, Life with tags , , , , , , on January 8, 2010 by B. Jones

Hey readers!  I haven’t done a decent post in a minute and I apologize.  So much has been going on in my life lately.  I just turned 20 a few days ago, school started back up for Spring semester, and that means it’s study time.  I couldn’t quite figure out what to write for you all because I was having a serious case of writer’s block, but that all just changed a few minutes ago.  Why you ask?  Well I have this….male.  I met him during my 11th grade year of high school.  My aunt had tried to hook me up with him because she said he was a nice, polite, and cute young man that worked out at her job bagging groceries.  Well we use to talk and when we finally met up things didn’t go anywhere near expected.  He was the first guy that I had actually talked to in hopes of being in a relationship so when we decided to meet up I was so worried.  I had really low self-esteem back in my teenage years due to my acne so I prayed that when we met my personality would make him ignore the fact that I had teenage acne and left over scars.  When he called me to figure out where I was he said, “I don’t see you.  The only girl I see parked by the light pole is ugly.” At that moment my heart sunk.  I was the girl at the light pole and it’s moments like this when our flight or fight response kicks in.  I wanted to crank my car up and drive off, but in the back of my head I told myself no.  I stayed and I met him.  The one thing I remember about meeting him was when he told me, “I’m gonna take you out and show you things you’ve never seen before.” After our meeting he suddenly became…different. Continue reading

Keys to a Good Relationship

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As I sat at home today cleaning I remembered awhile back one of my dorm mates was discussing with me how she had just broke-up with her first boyfriend after I told her my two year anniversary was approaching.  I remember when I mentioned the length of my relationship she asked me what the key was to have a long-lasting relationship. Well I am not a relationship expert; in fact I’ve only dated one person.  Despite these minor flaws I have managed to stay with that one person for two years and we are still together (for young adults those years are often viewed as being the equivalent to dog years.)  I believe that there are common threads in all relationships that keep people together for 60 plus years and these same threads are what can cause a relationship to last only a few minor months.  So here are a few things that I think are keys to a good relationship.

1. Laughter-I think there is nothing sexier than a man who can make me laugh.  In fact, I’d probably date a butt ugly man who can make me laugh compared to a man who looked like Michael Ealy Continue reading

Things I Wish I Had Done Before I Came to College

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So it’s finals week at my university and even though I banned myself from Facebook until they’re over I’ve found other ways to procrastinate and that’s through this blog.  So here’s a list of this I wish I’d done back in the day when my education was free and Daddy was paying for the gas to go in my car.

  1. Tried out to be a dancing girl-I love to dance behind closed doors, but I refuse to dance in front of most people.  Now at my school the dancing girls were the s**t and everyone knew that if you were one of them you were high school royalty.  I could have had a plethora of men lined up back then.  Oh well *Kayne shrug*
  2. Taken my acne medication religiously-I had HORRIBLE skin growing up and I still have the scars to prove it.  From about 7th grade to 11th grade my face looked like a nest of bees had went on the attack.  My Mom took me to the dermatologist numerous times.  The first one I went to gave me all this stuff that dried the hell out of my skin causing even more outbreaks.  The next one helped me by giving me medication through the form of pills which helped my skin so much, but the problem that happened was I got the big head and stopped taking those pills.  Which leads me to my next point… Continue reading

Do You Know Your Status?

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Today is the first day of December and if you didn’t know that means it’s World AIDS Day.  AIDS is the leading cause of death among African American woman ages 25-34 and the leading cause of death in Africa.  Almost 3 million new HIV cases reported last year and 2 million HIV related deaths worldwide.  If you’ve been sexually active I highly recommend you going to get tested even if you’ve used condoms.  I got tested back in September at a program my school had and it was a scary thing and by far the longest 20 minutes of my life.  I know fear is one of the main reasons why some people don’t get tested, but it’s even scarier not knowing your status and the possibility that you can infect someone else.  If you’re in a relationship with someone take them with you to get tested at your local health clinic where I believe the cost is absolutely nothing.  If your partner won’t get tested my message to you is perhaps you shouldn’t be having sex.  If you’re in college head down to your school’s health center.  My school’s health center charges a fee, but it’s well worth.  Also make sure you wear condoms.  If you’re afraid to buy them at the store you can get them at health clinics and your school’s health center for free at most places.   If you’re afraid to get condoms at either of these places once again my message is perhaps you shouldn’t be having sex.