Men Who Wear Skinny Leg Pants Need To Burn In Hell

I love men who keep up with fashion.  In fact I’ve been encouraging my boyfriend to  try this “retro” look that Cosmo magazine featured in one of their magazines (You know the look where the pants are a tad bit tighter and there’s the skinny tie?  Yeah I find that to be extremely sexy.)  Well, I remember when skinny leg pants came out for girls and I fell in love with them.  Then they came out for guys.  When they first emerged I only saw punk rock White guys sporting the look and I said to myself, “Those are some men that aren’t afraid of being fashionable.” Fast-forward to 2009 and the beginning of 2010 and I think that all these men need to burn in hell.  How could men ruin such a simple look that doesn’t need much altering?  Well easily of course!

The first problem with men wearing skinny leg pants is that a lot of men are trying to get them wayyyyy too tight.  You know how some girls get jeans that are way too tight because they want their butts to look bigger?  (I’ve done it for a fact)  Well, men will purchase skinny leg pants two sizes too small just so their package is outlined.  For example, my Classical Mythology teacher likes to wear skinny legs I’ve noticed with these past three classes.  All three times that he wore these pants I could not help but notice it looked as if his penis and balls were trying to escape from a torturous prison.  I’m not a man, but I know that those body parts should be given the opportunity to breathe.

Too make this situation worse it sucks when a man buys these pants two sizes small and the crotch area looks like a girls, meaning it doesn’t even look like he has a penis and balls.  I remember back in August when my school had an event I saw a young Black male sporting the look.  His pants were so tight I could see the shape of his calve muscles emerging.  You know what, to be honest I’m pretty sure he accidentally purchased the girl pants.  Anyways, being a young female I knew if his pants were this tight his junk had to be dying!  Well he turned around and too my astonishment the front of his pants looked like a females.  I mean there was was absolutely NOTHING there!  I honestly felt bad for him, like dude, why didn’t you stuff a pair of socks down there?

Now here’s what I hate about men wearing skinny leg jeans.  When guys purchase this style of pants the label clearly says, “SKINNY leg.”  They know that they’re suppose to fit a lot tighter then most pants, so tell me why in the hell do I see n#ggas dudes running around my campus with their Family Guy boxers showing?  If you wanted to sag your damn pants you should have stayed wearing the regular jeans that have been falling to ground since the early 2000s.  I mean, honestly who in the hell told these men that this was cute?  You know what makes this even worse?  The big boys that purchase the SKINNY leg jeans knowing they might not fit on their waist, so they think wearing them half way down their a$$ is a good enough substitute.  Well it’s not.  If you want to be fashionable you have to make sacrifices and this is one of them.

The End!

Interesting thing.  I was going to send this to a blogger called TrueMan.  The interesting thing is that when I went to visit his blog he had something on it today.  Either we think alike or he’s been reading my blog lately.  Either is fine with me.  Read his blog right HERE


2 Responses to “Men Who Wear Skinny Leg Pants Need To Burn In Hell”

  1. Thanks for the love, but if you read my blog, I’ve been fighting the good fight against skinny jeans since I started. But anyone who thinks men who wear skinny jeans should burn in hell is OK with me 🙂

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