The Power of the P*ssy

Today I had to read the story of creation for my Classical Mythology class and of course it included the story of Adam & Eve.  I don’t care what your religious beliefs are 9 times out of 10 you will know the story of Adam & Eve even if you grew up in an atheist household you’ve had friends recant the story for you at least once.  Well, while I was reading a this story (something I haven’t read in YEARS!) I realized how much power woman has had over man since the beginning of time.  Despite Adam being here first and knowing that God told him not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge he caved in after Eve told him to try it out because it was good.

As we all know, Adam was lonely for a couple of years before God realized he needed a partner in life.  It’s stated that “…a man shall leave his father and his mother and cling to his wife.” (Genesis 2: 25) Just reading the word “cling” makes me think that God was sitting Adam up for failure with this woman. When you cling to someone you just do what they say in my opinion.  Eve got a piece of fruit off of the tree took a bite and gave some to Adam.  Nowhere in the scripture does it say that Adam asked Eve, “Hey, what tree did this come from?” It’s so relevant to many men of the past.  For instance, when my Mom cooks something knew my Dad usually won’t ask what it is.  He’ll just eat it because he knows that questioning the hand that feeds him could turn into an ugly argument.  When my Dad actually gathers up the nerves to ask my Mom what something is she’ll reply back, “Don’t worry about what it is.  You can either eat it or fix your own food.” My Dad then proceeds to pick up his fork and eat with no more questions.

After God discovered Adam and Eve had ate from the tree he decided to inform Eve of her punishment which consisted of painful childbearing and that “…he [husband/man] shall rule over you.”  (Genesis 3:16) Some people may say that Eve and woman got the short end of the stick, but I disagree.  It was man.  Why?  Well for one thing, even though God told Eve her husband would rule over her women are still running the show even if it is discreetly.  How many of us have witnessed our fathers go out and make the money for the household?  Okay, now here’s the big question.  Who’s the person that balances the check book out for the household?  The woman, therefore giving woman the upperhand because she has the advantage of knowing where the money is truly going.  Man doesn’t care as long as the lights and cable stay on.

Well the story of Adam and Eve just proves that power of the p*ssy is nearly unmatched when it comes to things.  Sure some of us fear God and know that we shouldn’t be doing something (i.e. eating the forbidden fruit), but for men if it involves women all consequences that can possibly be faced are thrown out the window because all they want is a kiss from that one woman who makes their toes curl or some of that good lovin’ that they got last night because they washed the dishes without being told.  I know men, stupid ones I would like to say, who will spend their last dollar on a woman because her sex is so good.  Now the fact that ol’ boy has a car note, cell phone bill, and rent payments due next week never seem to phase him because even when the bill collectors come calling next week he’ll still be remembering the lovin’ he got just last week for paying his woman’s car insurance.  Al Green was right when he said love will make you do right and love will make you do wrong because men just can’t stop repeating the cycle.  You don’t hear women complain though.  


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