When They Come Crawling Back

Hey readers!  I haven’t done a decent post in a minute and I apologize.  So much has been going on in my life lately.  I just turned 20 a few days ago, school started back up for Spring semester, and that means it’s study time.  I couldn’t quite figure out what to write for you all because I was having a serious case of writer’s block, but that all just changed a few minutes ago.  Why you ask?  Well I have this….male.  I met him during my 11th grade year of high school.  My aunt had tried to hook me up with him because she said he was a nice, polite, and cute young man that worked out at her job bagging groceries.  Well we use to talk and when we finally met up things didn’t go anywhere near expected.  He was the first guy that I had actually talked to in hopes of being in a relationship so when we decided to meet up I was so worried.  I had really low self-esteem back in my teenage years due to my acne so I prayed that when we met my personality would make him ignore the fact that I had teenage acne and left over scars.  When he called me to figure out where I was he said, “I don’t see you.  The only girl I see parked by the light pole is ugly.” At that moment my heart sunk.  I was the girl at the light pole and it’s moments like this when our flight or fight response kicks in.  I wanted to crank my car up and drive off, but in the back of my head I told myself no.  I stayed and I met him.  The one thing I remember about meeting him was when he told me, “I’m gonna take you out and show you things you’ve never seen before.” After our meeting he suddenly became…different.

I met up with him two more times after that and I remember I would call him constantly, but he would NEVER pick his phone up.  Being wet behind the ears with the male species I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  I’d go a month without talking to him and then he’d call me up for some 10 minute bogus a$$ conversation.  He was working two jobs now, two jobs soon turned into three, and three soon turned to four.  Looking back and being older and wiser I should have realized that it was damn near impossible for someone to work four jobs, but I believed every bit of it and he knew it.  This pattern continued on all the way to the 4th of July (Take note that I met him in March.)  I remember he called me that day and told me he was coming back from Kentucky I believe and that he said he would call me later.  At that point I knew I was wasting my damn time on his a$$.  I told him, “Sure, whatever.” I hung up my phone and immediately deleted his number.  The funny thing is the next day my current boyfriend had just got dumped by his then girlfriend.

Well, fast forward to my freshman year of college.  I became an avid user of Facebook and I figured I could find him on there.  I couldn’t remember what his last name was for the life of me, but I always remember his first name because he was very unique.  I figured he was the only person in the world who could have that name.  I was never able to find him until Spring semester of 2009.  I added him on Facebook simply so he could see that my life was so much better without him.  I had a great boyfriend who loved me and I wanted him to know that.  I went as far as changing my picture to something with my boyfriend in it.  The first day he added me he started Facebook chatting with me.  There were times when I my hate for him would show, but I remember a conversation I had with a preacher about ringing a bell over and over again (This means how people will always bring up old memories.)  Our lives had changed so much.  He was in the military now and here I was a college student.  He was about to get deployed I remember and he mentioned meeting up because his fiancé refused to come home for a visit.  I told him that was a no go.  Our conversations continued even when he was overseas.  I remember he told me he was getting married which seemed out of his character.

Well today we were talking and he brought up how he was coming back home soon.  He wanted to hang out.  I responded with “Mmmm.”  What use does a married man have hanging out with me?  He even asked for my number again.  I gave him my number, not expecting him to call of course because previous patterns showed that he wasn’t good at calling me back.  He went offline and my phone rang.  It was him.  I had no clue how to respond to a person that had made me lose all trust in men at that period in my life.  When he told me his name the only thing I could say was, “Oh” which was not the response he was expecting from me.  He then proceeded to tell me everything that had been going on in his life from his wife to the beautiful women in Italy who had the American girls had nothing on and then he began to break down and discuss how he was sorry for what he had done in the past.  He began to discuss how he had tried to add a girl on Facebook that he had talk to, but when things started heating up he lied to her and said he was joining the Air Force.  Well karma came back and bit him in the a$$ severely.  He ended up joining the Air Force, which he hates, and to top it off the girl who he had been trying to add told him that she didn’t even remember who in the hell he was.  He finally realized that the hurt he had caused people was catching back up to him.  How could a man as fine as himself not be remembered by a girl who once wanted him?  People grow up, just like he did, but sometimes it’s far too late for apologies.  I’m sure that if it weren’t for my knowledge of the pain that ringing a bell can do I would have rushed off the phone.  It just amazes me to be honest.  I was the girl that he could never call back, but now nearly three years later he’s coming crawling back.  Not for a relationship though, rather to pour his heart out to me since no one else would listen.

So do any of ya’ll have similar stories?


One Response to “When They Come Crawling Back”

  1. Yeah my first girlfriend (only have had two), who I gave it all to, my money, my pride, and above all, the youth of the years that straddled the late teenage to early 20’s years, came back.

    I don’t think I ever loved her, but I did care for her a lot especially after how we shared quite a bit. I guess, for a young guy who was making a lot of money, had the physical and emotional draw that other people envy for, was not enough for her. She wanted more, so she moved on to a trust fund baby who had millions at his disposal.

    He used her, abused her, put her down constantly, yet even when she came crawling back (not too long ago), she tried to praise him to hold me back… but my feelings had long been gone. She broke down though, and was crying so pitifully about how she felt like she had no sense of direction or control over her relationship with him.

    Yet all I could say to her was “I wish you luck, but we’ve been long done.”

    Talk about twisting a rusty knife into someone’s heart 😡

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