Five Things I Prefer To Only Do With Men

While I was over at one of my favorite blogs Until I Get Married one particular blog caught my eye entitled, Five Things I Can Only Do With WomenSo while I was driving home for Christmas Break I started thinking of things that I prefer to do only with a male companion.  So here we go, 5 Things I Prefer To Do With Men:

1.) See a scary movie-I don’t like scary movie, so if and when I watch a scary movie be it my house or the theater a man better be sitting next to me.  No offense to my fellow females who can go and see a scary movie without screaming, but when that music comes on letting the audience know that something is about to go down I want to grab onto a man’s arm (I’d prefer for the man to have a nice bicep, but beggars can’t be choosy.)  Following the movie I’d like to  be asked if I were scared (although they already know I was) with me responding “No,” and resulting in some hands on flirting.

2.) Ask how a dress looks-Okay, this depends on where I’m going.  If I’m looking for a dress to wear to the pastor’s church anniversary I’ll ask my Mom or some other female.  If I’m looking for a dress to wear to the club a male will be my voice of reason.  The reason being is that females try to be too critical of clothing. “Oh girl, that red just doesn’t look right with your complexion” or “I wouldn’t really like it for myself, but…”  I don’t care if you like it for yourself, it’s my dress.  A guy on the other, a straight one, will give you the opinion you want. “That looks sexy on you” or “That looks like something my mom would wear.” If I’m going to the club I want sexy, I don’t want any man to look at me and get flashbacks of their mom.

3.) Watch the “Invented Sex” music video-I know most people agree that the video was made to aim at the female audience, but if that video does not make you cut your eyes at your man or your “special friend” with the wrong thoughts I don’t know what will.  That video is basically soft core porn and with that in my mind I don’t want to watch it with one of my girls and immediately afterwards she starts ruining my fantasy of Trey Songz with hers. “Girl if that was me in that video…” SHUT UP!  Let Trey and I have our own moment together.

4.) Get relationship advice-The reason behind this is that only a man can get inside the mind of another man’s.  In my years of getting relationship advice I have noticed that females will always side with me on a subject, “Oh, I don’t know why in the hell he’d do that.  Girl if that was my man I’d leave him.” To a lot of females there is no grey area, there’s only black and white.  So you’re either going to break-up with him or keep ignoring him until he crawls back.  On top of that, females like moving in on your territory when they know that you’re on the rocks with your man.  A guy will remember the time that his girl was mad with him over a similar situation and tell you, “Well he probably said it thinking you’d find it funny, not with the intentions of hurting your feelings.” That’s all I need to know.

5.) Hugging-I love getting hugs from my female friends, but I don’t really care for feeling someone else’s breast mashed up against mine or in my face if she’s taller than me.  Plus when females hug we have a tendency to wrap our arms around each other in the chest area.  Guys on the other hand don’t have mushy breast (I hope atleast) to press against mine.  They have a flat chest.  When they hug you they aim for the lower back, which is unless they have a girlfriend or they know you have a crazy boyfriend that will come looking for them, when someone hugs me around my lower back it does something to my hormones I guess.


2 Responses to “Five Things I Prefer To Only Do With Men”

  1. It’s good to see a woman that knows you can only get advice about men from men. Listening to Oprah will leave you single.

  2. Great post! #3 was hilarious…some fantasies should remain private, huh? 😉

    Your blog is dope. I will definitely return to check out more of your posts.

    Thanks for sharing!

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