If You Are God’s Gift To The World, I Hope He Has A Good Return Policy

I love men.  I love Black men.  I love White men.  I love Mixed men.  I love tall men.  I love short men.  I love the intelligent ones.  I love the not so intelligent ones.  I love the mature ones.  I love tolerate the immature ones.  I love the grounded men.  I HATE men who think they’re God’s gift to the World. I think we’ve all encountered these men once in our life.  You know the guy who spends more time in the mirror getting ready then we do?  The one who must go out and buy every new pair of Jordans when they come out.  The guy who thinks he can pull just about any woman he wants to.  This is the guy in middle school who has already claimed his devotion to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.  Well here’s a message to those men that said yes to any of these things.  You are not, I repeat, NOT God’s gift to the World and you never will be.  Personally I think the worst ones are the guys that are farrrrr from being attractive yet they try to throw shade at a female that doesn’t look like Rihanna or doesn’t have the shape of Beyonce. Boy please! Unless you’re a mixture of Barack Obama, Harper Hill, Taye Diggs, Will Smith, and Denzel Washington all put in one you’re NOT God’s gift.  Oddly enough many men think they’re on the levels of these men, when in fact I’ve only met ONE guy at my university who comes close.  Examples of men who think they’re God’s gift to the World are Bow Wow (I remember when he dated Ciara he made a statement that females should be jealous of her because she was dating. Boy please! When you cut your braids most of your fans stopped caring about you.  Plus your Twitter location says “In your girl.”) and all those dudes on Jersey Shore (Any man that has Cadillac tattooed on his body is full of himself, case in point Pauly D.)  Many of these men can be easily spotted because they will approach you with these tired, wack lines.  So to all of these men I just want you to know, if you’re God’s gift to the World I hope he has a good return policy.


One Response to “If You Are God’s Gift To The World, I Hope He Has A Good Return Policy”

  1. provacateuse Says:

    Good job.

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