Things A Man Should Never Say To Me During First Encounters

Today is another rainy and cold day down in Georgia.  I have two finals tomorrow, but I had a spur of the moment thought about how I’ve only had one boyfriend yet plenty of dudes from my age all the way up to being eligible for AARP with one foot in the grave have hit on me.  I then realized that there was a reason as to why I didn’t talk to these men…the lines that they’d come at me with were ridiculous.  Now I am what many Black men classify as being a bougie, stuck-up light-skin chick who thinks she’s better then everyone.  This isn’t the case in fact I’m far from any of those things.  If the male population approached more women like myself in the correct manner you wouldn’t receive the cold shoulder everytime.  So here’s a list of things NOT to say to me or any other woman:

  1. “Ay girl…”-I believe on my birth certificate under “Name” it does not list me as being named “Girl.”  I know “Ay girl…” is usually followed by “…what’s your name,” but damn it why can’t you walk up to me in a nice gentleman type manner and say, “Excuse me, my name is (insert name here). What’s your name?” No matter a females mood I feel she’s obligated to reply in a nice manner to you.  From there you can spark up an interesting conversation.
  2. “Ay ma…”-(1) I did not push you out of my womb so I am not your “ma.” I will make an exception to this though.  If you’re Latino you have a pass to come up to me and call me “mamacita.” (2)  Saying this reminds me of how old married men start calling their wives “ma.” I’m 19, don’t make me feel old.
  3. “Whatchu wanna do?”-Okay, what in the hell does this mean?  I mean since when has it been marked as safe to approach a female like this.  A man in his late 20s, early 30s came at me this summer with this line.  I was working and noticed a male customer that kept staring at me.  He called out to be rudely by saying “Pssh pssh,” but since he was a customer and I was on camera I could not walk off like I’d usually do.  This fool was actually on the phone with someone and bent down to whisper into my ear “Whatchu wanna do?” This is my first time meeting you sir with the dread locs and black weed lips.  I don’t want to do anything with you.
  4. “Damn you a bad b*tch!”-*Sigh* Hip Hop has ruined many men and their respect for women.  Would you call your mom a “b*tch?” Would you want some other man coming up to your sister in the club as she’s dancing and tell her she’s “A bad b*tch?” I think not, so don’t come up to me with that sh*t.
  5. “You can’t have friends?”-Okay this line is usually followed after telling a man that you have a boyfriend.  My boyfriend doesn’t control who I communicate with (I have lots of male friends to be honest), but if you ask for my number and I tell you I have a boyfriend it’s due to the fact that I have absolutely no interest in finding out about you or wanting to befriend you.  If you ask me this question it will be followed by the brutally honest answer of “I can have friends, I just don’t want you as one.” <—This response will probably lead to your pride being crushed in front of your boys and you’ll want to cock a nasty attitude and call me a “bitch,” but lets remember you didn’t think that when you approached me did you?
  6. “You looking for a Ken, Barbie?”-A man has never said this to me (Thank God!), but with the whole Nicki Minaj Barbie movement it’s bound to happen!  I am not a plastic toy with unrealistic measurements that little girls pretend to be.  So don’t pretend that this line with help better your chances with me.
  7. “Girl I’ll blow your f*ckin’ back out.”-If I’m looking for a f*ck buddy this line would be classified as appropriate.  If you are my man and something is about to go down, please say this to me.  If you are John Doe this can be an automatic drink in the face or slap in the face.  Sex should never be the first thing you talk about in my opinion. I know there are going to be people who wonder who in the hell says this, but it happens unfortunately.
  8. “You got a boyfriend?”A SUPER old man came at me with this line.  He had about four top teeth and looked as if he lived on the streets. Okay, there’s nothing wrong with being curious about my relationship status, but don’t let that be the first question you come up to me with.  Please ask me what my name is!
  9. “I’ll do things to you that your man can’t.”-The main thing wrong with this is the fact that you know I have a man so why are you coming up to me?  I’m not interested in being your jump-off sweetie.
  10. “Girl, I think I love you.”-You just met me, how do you know this is love?

3 Responses to “Things A Man Should Never Say To Me During First Encounters”

  1. These are such cheesy pickup lines. Especially the crude ones. Sadly, living in the big city, I still see these being thrown around all the time. Guys need to get more creative, and ladies need to make first moves a bit more 🙂

    • Hmm, I could never see myself making the first move on a guy. Perhaps I’m just stuck in old times though. Guess it’s time to get with the new times though.

  2. […] point Pauly D.)  Many of these men can be easily spotted because they will approach you with these tired, wack lines.  So to all of these men I just want you to know, if you’re God’s gift to the World I […]

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