Why I Will Always Love Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods will forever be the first athlete I had a crush on.  When he hit the golf course in 1997 for his first Masters Tournament in my hometown of Augusta it was love at first sight.  My love and deep admiration for him continued all the way until he started bringing his soon to be wife, Elin, to the tournaments.  {I would like to note that his game went downhill for awhile when he got with her which just adds to the stereotype that a White woman will bring down a brother<—Yes, Tiger is a brother.  Screw that cablasian stuff.}  You see I have always thought that Tiger Woods was a handsome mixed man with intelligence (He went to Standford for those he didn’t know), athleticism (He’s a golfer, but he has the body of God from some ads I’ve seen), and did I mention his looks?  Yes, Tiger Woods made me want to pick up a set of golf clubs and wear his infamous red and black outfit that he would wear every Sunday for the last day of the Masters.  Black people loved him (even if he didn’t want to say he was one of us) and White people loved him even more.  If there was one thing that we all could agree upon it was that Tiger Woods changed the face of the golfing world and we all loved him.

Rewind back to a couple of weeks ago when it was reported that he got into a car accident and the sh*t hit the fan.  It was reported that his wife literally busted the windows out of his car when she found out he had a mistress.  Well, one mistress became two and two mistresses became thirteen. Now everyone wants to act like Tiger is the devil.  Well what did Tiger Woods do that was any different from your typical famous male athlete or average man that has temptations around him?  You see the problem with Tiger Woods isn’t that he likes to have to sex {What man doesn’t?}, his problem is that he likes to have way too much sex.  If Tiger Woods would have had only one or two mistresses his advertisements wouldn’t have been getting pulled, but since his list is equal to an entire baseball team with a few substitutes people want to freak out.  Tiger Woods is a man human and we as people sometimes give into our temptations.  Most of us just get lucky because we’re not in the spotlight.  The same CEOs that are making the calls to pull his  commercials are probably doing so while they’re over at their mistress’s house lounging around while their wife is at home sipping on white wine crying while the kids are out snorting up their first lines of cocaine.

This brings me to his ex-wife wife Elin.  Now Elin decided to pick up one of Tiger’s clubs and go up side his head scare the White man out of him.  {You see a real Black man probably would have stood face-to-face with Elin and told her behind that she wasn’t gonna do sh*t with that golf club.}  I guarantee that Elin started off as nothing more then a jump-off for Tiger because remember she was the nanny for another golfer who introduced the two.  She didn’t get into the job expecting to only receive a paycheck for watching some snotty nosed kids, she got into the job expecting to snag herself a rich man and if he happened to be a golfer well so be it.  Well she lucked up and got the richest golfer in the world.  I’m also pretty sure that Elin was doing more than baking chocolate chip cookies to keep Tiger around.    I mean, maybe there’s culture difference in Swedish athletes and American ones because I don’t see why she was so surprised by all of his cheating.  For all the people who think she’s going to leave him think again because from what I’ve heard Tiger is doing some revisions to their prenuptial agreement that  would give her even more money.  Tell me this chick married him solely off of love and I’ll show you a fool.

If Tiger’s wife had been a Black woman none of this sh*t would have happened, well the busting of the windows would have happened, but the media would not have been making that big of deal about it.  For example, when Kobe Bryant was accused of raping/having an sexual relations with that hotel maid awhile back the same thing was happening to him.  People were pulling him from his sponsorship deals, the world turned their back on him, etc.  Well recently when Shaq’s e-mails with another woman emerged you only heard about it on the Black blog sites not CNN, ABC, or Larry King Live.  Why you ask?  Well it was just another Black woman being cheated on by her Black husband, is that out of the norm?  Well when a Black man cheats on a White woman, a woman that Black America views as nothing more then a trophy wife and White America views as someone just trying to spare some sympathy for what her ancestors did 100s of years ago, the media goes ape sh*t. “Oh my God, how could he cheat on his wife when they have two children together?” Um, hello!  Shaq’s soon to be ex-wife has four kids with him plus they each have one child from previous relationships and that didn’t stop him from cheating.

Tiger Woods is a FREAK no matter how clean cut he tries to portray himself as.  I mean, he told his mistress that he would wear her a$$ out when they met up again.  Which just goes back to my point of Elin not baking chocolate chip cookies to keep him around in the beginning.  Before they got married I guarantee you that Tiger was laying down the pipe oh so well that she could have cared less about if 13 other women were getting some, but now that they’re married I guess she thought his male whore tendencies would wear off?  Girl please! I guess Elin didn’t expect for Tiger to remain Daddy Long Stroke (<–pun intended ^_^) when they got married.

I guess my message is this, leave my boo Tiger alone.  He cheated, so what!  He didn’t rape a 15 year old girl and runaway to Europe like that American movie director.  He didn’t kill his wife rob a man in Las Vegas like O.J. Simpson did.  He just had sex with a group of women while he was married.  Where in the judicial system does it say that that’s a crime that can land you in jail for the rest of your life?

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