Things NOT To Say On Twitter: Swizz Beatz & Mashonda Edition

If you were on Twitter last night following Swizz Beatz or Mashonda you would have witnessed some very sloppy and teenage antics.  I was never a follower of either of the above people, but one of the people that I’m following happened to mention how the former couple were venting through Twitter.  Being the nosy person I am I jumped onto following the two of them, and I was very SHOCKED to say the least.  Here’s the snapshots thanks to DDot Omen:

Now this is exactly why I don’t like things such as Twitter because sh*t like this is bound to go down.  This all happened because Swizz tweeted about going to get his girlfriend’s, Alicia Keys, new CD.  My feelings are as followed, if the two were SEPARATED it shouldn’t matter if either one of them were seeing other people.  Mashonda doesn’t seem to understand that.  When people separate and are married the chances of them getting back together on the level they were once on is slim to done.  Mashonda’s problem is that she’s bitter and thought Swizz was going to come running back to her after sometime, instead of dating or talking to other men when she knew her soon to be ex-husband was seeing someone else, she sat at home as pictures of with A. Keys emerged.  As long as Swizz is taking care of his responsibilities (his children) I think people and Mashonda need to sit down and shut up.  Isn’t Mashonda known for this kind of thing though because I remember reading one of her tweets regarding the same damn situation.  Mashonda should be the poster child for Alicia Keys’s “Sleeping With A Broken Heart” because she is the primary example of what it’s like.

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2 Responses to “Things NOT To Say On Twitter: Swizz Beatz & Mashonda Edition”

  1. I actually wholeheartedly disagree with your perspective. Seperated or not they were still MARRIED. Which means it does matter if they see other people, he still cheated. They say how you get them is how you lose them and I really dont see this relationship between Swizz and Alicia lasting long because it became under very shady circumstances. Was twitter the place for this foolishness? Absolutely not but I feel that Mashonda has a right to feel what she feels. Swizz wasnt her fucking boyfriend like he is to Alicia, he was her husband, they exchanged vows before God and their families, they had a child together. Swizz could have done the manly thing and signed those papers before he started gallavanting around town with A. Keys, but he didnt so now he want so whine and complain about how everyone is in his business? If he would have done things with a lil more tact everyone wouldnt be in his business so I think the best thing for him to do is sit down and SHUT UP!

    • Well can’t you say that Mashonda needs to sit down and shut up too? I mean this is the only time that I’ve heard about Swizz Beatz blasting his relationship on Twitter while Mashonda has made quite a few post regarding the situation.
      Also, I think he would have been more then willing to sign the papers for divorce but Mashonda was probably lingering on that little bit of hope that one day he’d change his mind. I mean the things that she’s said just scream desperate woman to me.

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