Things I Wish I Had Done Before I Came to College

So it’s finals week at my university and even though I banned myself from Facebook until they’re over I’ve found other ways to procrastinate and that’s through this blog.  So here’s a list of this I wish I’d done back in the day when my education was free and Daddy was paying for the gas to go in my car.

  1. Tried out to be a dancing girl-I love to dance behind closed doors, but I refuse to dance in front of most people.  Now at my school the dancing girls were the s**t and everyone knew that if you were one of them you were high school royalty.  I could have had a plethora of men lined up back then.  Oh well *Kayne shrug*
  2. Taken my acne medication religiously-I had HORRIBLE skin growing up and I still have the scars to prove it.  From about 7th grade to 11th grade my face looked like a nest of bees had went on the attack.  My Mom took me to the dermatologist numerous times.  The first one I went to gave me all this stuff that dried the hell out of my skin causing even more outbreaks.  The next one helped me by giving me medication through the form of pills which helped my skin so much, but the problem that happened was I got the big head and stopped taking those pills.  Which leads me to my next point…
  3. Asked my Mom get me on birth control-Okay, I know this one is weird but it would have helped my skin and I would never have to tell her when I started having sex (which wasn’t until college).  I know people say that if you’re afraid to talk about sex out in the open you shouldn’t be doing it, but damn it there will never be a day in my life where I feel comfortable telling my Mom or Dad about my sex life.  I’ll probably be 28 years old, knocked-up, and still saying I’m a virgin and that my child is through immaculate conception.
  4. Cussed my boyfriend’s two whorish female friends out-Now, I know I shouldn’t ring the bell of the past with situation like this but to this day I hate those b*tches (Yes, I said b*tches).  I remember before we even started dating they told him to leave me alone because he could fine someone “Much better.” Well guess what?  At least I didn’t end up knocked up unable to go to my school of choice or joining the military for a man who didn’t give a damn about me.  To top it off while these girls complain about their relationship problems me and my man are as happy as can be.
  5. Tried harder-I’m a very intelligent person, but when I got to high and the times got hard I told myself that as long as I managed to get a 80 or higher in the class all would be well.  Well, when graduation came around there I was left without my yellow honor student cord, Beta Club ribbon, and 24-karat gold letter.  I will forever envy anyone who gets any of those things including my children.
  6. Got to know People outside of my high school-I’m a very quiet and shy person so my group of friends was always very small yet tight.  To this day I envy all of my friend who had connections all around town.  I would have had plenty of guys to choose from for my annual holiday party.
  7. Showed off my boobs-This one if weird, but ever sense 8th grade when my boobs popped out of thin air I’ve had a great chest.  Honestly, I’ve had many males comment on them despite having covered them up every single day.  If I had done it back then I probably wouldn’t still hold insecurities with my body.
  8. Stopped wearing my jacket every single day-Every year I got a new jacket and I would wear the hell out of it.  As soon as the first sign of cold weather hit there I was with my jacket zipped all the day up.  I’d remain this way until the last day of school.  From there I’d go jacket-less until the first sign of cold weather hit again.  Basically it was a cycle I repeated continuously.
  9. Dated more-For those who read my blog you’ll know that I’ve had one boyfriend and one boyfriend only.  I mean I didn’t even get a boyfriend in 12th grade so there I was the inexperienced girl who had to be taught everything my this guy.  I often felt so bad for him because I was so wet behind the ears when it came to everything.  For example, I had no idea the significance of me being bra-less in the back seat of my car with an equally horny teenage guy.  I probably would have been able to tell the difference between the good boyfriends and the bad ones.  Even though I’m 100% sure that I have a good one.
  10. Taken my hair out of that damn ponytail-The ponytail was my best friend in high school.  I had no clue how to do my hair outside of washing and blow drying it.  So whenever I hadn’t made my once a month trip to the  hair salon I would wake up part my hair to the side and pull it back.  Now that I’ve matured and learned the art of flat ironing, which by the way I do just as well as a licensed beautician, I hate when I have to wear my hair in a ponytail now it just takes me back to those horrible high school days.
  11. Tried a glass of vodka or two-I’m nearly 20 years old and out of all of my friends I’m the ONLY person who has never brought a sip of liquor to my face.  Like honestly I didn’t even know beers intoxicated you a lot less slower then other things like Jack Daniels.  I’m really afraid that when I turn 21 I’m gonna get so wasted it won’t be pretty.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll be a really loud drunk too.
  12. Learned how to walk in heels-This has got to be the most important thing to ever effect my life.  I can barely walk in high heels which is absolutely ridiculous to me.  If you ever see me I’m either wearing sneakers, Sperry’s, or flip flops.  I have quite a few pair of heels, but most of them have been worn once or not at all.  They hurt way too much in my opinion, but I find black pumps with an almond toe to be the sexiest thing ever!  I must learn how to strut in some heels before I graduate.  Do ya’ll think Miss. Jay from America’s Next Top Model will be willing to give me lessons?

What are some things you wish you’d done back in high school?


One Response to “Things I Wish I Had Done Before I Came to College”

  1. Had more confidence- I was a fucking fox in high school but I let rude and dumb ass boys and girls fuck up my self esteem I shouldnt have done that I wish I would have had more confidence and showed it more

    Dated- I didnt date at all probably because of my lack of confidence

    Went out more- I hardly went anywhere, I feel like I missed out on so much during high school in that regard

    Been more involved in extracurricular activities- I probably would have had more friends and went out more if I did this

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