Why Do Women Say They’re Saving Their Virginity For “Mr. Right?”

Okay, I was over at Naked With Socks On and ran across an article titled Virgin Blues (Do Men Only Want Sex From A Woman?) that caught my attention.  In a letter a 21 year old girl talks about how she met a guy who she TEXTED with for weeks and after about three times hanging out I believe he tried to get it or things were just getting a little too hot for her taste.  When she realized what he wanted she decided to inform him that she was waiting on “Mr. Right,” whoever the hell that is.  Now she stated that she wasn’t waiting until she got married to lose her virginity and if that’s the case, how do you know that you’ll have “Mr. Right?”  Now I have no problem with people wanting to save their virginity, but don’t say you’re waiting on “Mr. Right” if you’re not waiting until marriage because honestly dating a guy two years and then giving up the goodies to him doesn’t mean he’s the one.  Why do I say that?  Well that boyfriend who waited two years of going without sex can leave you because 1.) He got what he wanted out of you.  (Your virginity and sex).  2.) Something goes completely wrong in the relationship and it can’t be saved. I held the idea that I was going to wait until I got married, but then I started dating and realized that I was going to give into my teenage hormones before marriage because certain things feel good and I realized that I wanted to give into my curiousity of how it felt.

Now for all those people who’ve actually read previous blogs of mine you know that I’ve only dated one person and we’re still together.  So yes, I did lose my virginity to my first boyfriend which many people may think is typical but I’m not complaining because we’re still together.  I remember the first time I wanted to have sex things went completely wrong and I was constantly worried that my parents knew what I had attempted so I decided to tell my boyfriend that I wanted to wait a little bit longer.  Well that waiting period turned into an additional 9 months, but it was well worth the wait.  We’ve been together for 2 years, but I won’t call him “Mr. Right” because like I stated earlier there are chances of him walking out because love can be here one day and gone tomorrow.

Now you can wait all you want for “Mr. Right,” to come rescue you and ride off (no pun intended) into the sun but in today’s period I wish you the best of the luck.  Sex is nothing more and nothing less then an activity that people do together because they like doing it together.  I guess you can compare it to shopping, you like going shopping but you have certain people that you like doing it with.  You wouldn’t go shopping with someone that you knew would be ready to leave the mall after 5 minutes, so you wouldn’t have sex with someone you knew was just trying to get it.

I don’t want you to think I’m telling you to go have sex with every man that comes into your life hoping to find the D that fits into you perfectly (kind of like the story of Cinderella and her slipper), but the whole idea of saving it for “Mr. Right” who won’t even be your husband when it happens is absolutely RIDICULOUS!



3 Responses to “Why Do Women Say They’re Saving Their Virginity For “Mr. Right?””

  1. Agreed. I’m a late bloomer and waited a LONG time.

  2. Question Submitter Says:


    I saw the link on NWSO and wanted to take a chance to respond. In the situation I was in, regardless if I was a virgin or not, I was not ready to have sex at that time and my impulse was not to just say that I wasn’t ready, but to say I was a virgin. To me, “Mr. Right” doesn’t necessarily have to be my husband, but it should be someone who I feel comfortable with and who has demonstrated that he is looking for more than a good time, which at that point, the other guy did not. I felt that our relationship was still casual and wasn’t even sure what my feelings were toward him, so virgin or not I was not ready to have sex. In hindsight I should not have had him over at my room so late, but you live and you learn and I am glad I did not sleep him and plan to wait until I am exclusively dating a guy who I feel has long-term relationship potential. That is my definition of “Mr. Right”. Perhaps saying that I was waiting for “the right time” would have been more appropriate for describing how I was feeling at the time.

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