Trey Songz – ♫Invented Sex (Remix)♫ Ft. Usher & Keri Hilson

zSHARE – Trey Songz – Invented Sex _Remix_ Ft. Usher _ Keri Hilson -RapRightNow.Com-.mp3.

I wish I could just insert the audio so it could play from here like it does on Necole Bitchie and Miss. Jia’s blog, but I guess I can’t because this account is free.  Oh well, a click here and there never hurt anyone right?  Personally I would have preferred Nicki Minaj over Keri Hilson on a track like this, but Keri held her own I think.

This song is pretty HOT I must say.

“Trey invented sex, but he ain’t teach you how to eat it.”-Usher

“When your soldiers at attention and my loving is the mission, missionary is no good.”-Keri Hilson

“Get some ice in your life.  Lick the slow.”-Trey Songz

I wonder if Tamika ever spends a night crying over the fact that Usher’s not given her anymore of his lovin’.


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