Response: Naked vs. Non-Naked Time (How Important Is Sex)

Okay, so I haven’t posted on here in a minute but I was recently on Naked With Socks On and came across an article titled Naked Time vs. Non-Naked Time .  If you didn’t click on the link it was basically an article where a guy spoke on a conversation that he had with his friend about how they’ve matured as males especially in the area of females.  I’m not a man (Duh!), but I think the articles main subject of how much time you spend with the opposite sex (or same sex if that’s your thing) naked or clothed can speak to both genders.  I’ve only dated one person and only one person has had the pleasure of seeing me naked.  Of course it took a year and five months many dates of opening the door for me, silent treatments, and earning of my trust to reach this point.  I think that might have been the greatest decision of my two year relationship because we’re still together.  There are times when I regret this decision (mainly after he’s upset me), but it made my relationship stronger than most.  Sex is important in my relationship.  Seeing how I don’t see my boyfriend that often now (we mainly talk on the phone or Skype) I make sure that when he’s home he leaves satisfied physically.

I knew a girl that graduated with me and every relationship that she had was screwed up from the beginning.  I think it all started when she gave her virginity away to a guy that promised to leave his girlfriend for her.  During our senior year she started dating a guy who broke up with her a week later.  She expressed her deep hate for him whenever someone was willing to listen to her.  The next thing I knew she was screwing one of our the many male whores school had.  The first “boyfriend” found out about it and was pissed at her so her way of fixing the problem was to have sex with him.  From that point on their relationship was purely sex.  She would have one week where she would boast about how could the D was and the next week she didn’t want any of her friends looking his direction.  This cycle repeated for the entire year and he finally wised up after one of his new girlfriends cut him during a fight.  Their relationship was the prime example of what happens when you spend more time together naked compared to non-naked.  Their relationship had no foundation, especially on the guy’s side I felt because the girl seemed to know everything about him.

Of course there are relationships where sex can be introduced early on, but at the same time the people take time to get to know each other.  I’ve got friends exactly like this.  They dated for two or three months (I can’t exactly remember) and they were knocking the boots before I knew it.  They have been together just as long as my boyfriend and myself.  The thing about them is that despite sex getting introduced so early on they have still took the time to get to know each other.  From their least favorite foods to the number of moles that they have.

I guess what I’m trying to say is sex is important, but it shouldn’t be the number one priority in a relationship.  Take the time to go out on a date, spend a weekend cuddled up on the couch in sweats and wrapped hair.  You don’t have to expect that after every date sex is guaranteed, trust me dinner at Red Lobsters with dessert does NOT mean she’ll be giving it up and floor side seats at the Lakers game doesn’t mean it either.


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