Things NOT To Say On Twitter: Chris Brown Edition

So, I must have missed it this but supposedly Chris Brown said Jay-Z was a “cornball” during his acceptance speech at the American Music Awards.  Now we all know what saying stuff about Jay-Z leads too.  (Have we seen or heard T-Pain anywhere since he said that stuff about Jay?)  I wish I was computer literate and new how to post all the stuff said about Chris after this comment, but they were all along the lines of him being immature.  Oh well, you know you got a CD coming out don’t try committing COMPLETE career suicide son.!  Also everyone is trying to make #Cornball a trending topic on Twitter.

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One Response to “Things NOT To Say On Twitter: Chris Brown Edition”

  1. ughh really?? Says:

    hmm poor Chris…now he’s saying that he was talking about a situation that was happening at his house when he said “cornball.” I just think it was poor timing on his part. and he should know to lay off of twitter b/c ever since the whole Rihanna incident happened, people are waiting for him to say something so they can take it and pick it apart and attack him. And it’s funny how the main ones that are getting at him about it aren’t even real jay-z fans…

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