Seriously Chris Brown? $20+ For A Deluxe CD? Plus MJ Tribute

Okay, so I follow the ultra talented and handsome Chris Brown on Twitter and he posted a link (Click Here For Yourself) talking about pre-ordering his new CD “Graffiti” (December 8th!) which would include a life-size poster, instant downloads of “Crawl” and “Sing Like Me” (Which seem to be an additional $1.29 each?  I don’t know), and 6 additional songs.  I was seriously about to order it until I saw it was $20 FREAKIN’ DOLLARS!  Now back in my teeny bopper years this price wouldn’t have been a big deal because I remember spending $20 on B2K’s You Got Served soundtrack simply because it included a  ONE PAGE calendar and the only person that had the calendar was this old school record store that had been ripping folks off since my Daddy’s heydays (To make it worse they broke up the day after my birthday).  Now CB I love you to death, but we’re in a recession and I’m a broke college student.  You gotta make this “deluxe” CD recession friendly my dear.  Plus when you’re making a “comeback” as the public calls it (I don’t know why because he never went anywhere in my opinion) you gotta lower the price. I’m still gonna buy the CD though.

On a side note, did ya’ll see his MJ tribute?  He KILLED it!  Another reason why I love him.

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