Lil’ Wayne Has Baby Number One Million and One

Lil’ Wayne has welcomed a son into this world with Toya some Groupie actress Lauren London singer Nivea!  The baby was born this weekend, but the rapper was unable to witness the birth because he was out impregnating other women for a prior engagement.  It’s nice to know that all of that syrup and whatever else he dabbles in hasn’t effected his sperm count because ol’ boy has absolutely no problem knocking chicks up.

This will be baby number 4 for Nivea (she has three from her prior relationship with producer/singer The-Dream) and this will be Lil’ Wayne’s fourth as well.  ALL of Lil’ Wayne’s children are by different ladies, but as long as he’s taking care of them I can’t down the man.  You know he actually just welcomed his third children with Lauren London about two months ago.   I wonder if there’s a fifth one on the way, if so he’ll have a starting line up for a basketball team.

Oh well, congrats to him!  I hope someone buys him an economy sized box of condoms for Christmas.


One Response to “Lil’ Wayne Has Baby Number One Million and One”

  1. pinktattoochick Says:

    I’m so sick of hearing about lil wayne and his growing basketball team. lol I’m glad someone isn’t obsessed with him like most people. Nice post though. Very entertaining 🙂


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