Is Beyonce Any Different From Lil’ Kim and Trina?

I was recently on another blog and came across something asking people what’s the difference between Beyonce, Lil’ Kim, and Trina.  Here’s an excerpt via A Belle in Brooklyn:

“Here’s what I do wonder though: what exactly is the difference between Bey, Lil Kim, and say, Trina? Yes, Bey sings, they rap. She can dance too and does her own beats and production whereas it’s still a big question mark if Trina and Kim even write their own lyrics. I fully acknowledge all of  Bey’s talents. But content-wise, where’s the difference? Bey’s lyrics are just as materialistic, her video and stage outfits are just as scanty, and she spreads and P-pops it just as good as  (if not more and better) than both Kim and Trina in their heyday.

So I’m confused. Is it that Bey cleans up nice for awards shows? That she comes from a two-parent home? That she’s from the ‘burbs? That she manages to be raunchy without cursing?  That she’s light-brite and generally assessed as pretty? (just throwing ideas out there.)  That she mixes her catalogue of raunch in with empowerment anthems? That she hides her raunchiest side behind an alter-ego, Sasha Fierce so it seems like it’s not really her? (Pause. You have no idea how disturbing I find it that a alleged 28 year old woman feels compelled to express her sexuality solely as a stage persona or an alter ego of said stage persona.) I’m really, really curious where the distinction lies.”

She makes a really good point I must say.  Beyonce has become pretty sexual as her solo albums have progressed and since she got married to Jay-Z I think she’s been pretty out there.  I don’t find anything wrong with expressing sexuality, hell I enjoy living by the Marilyn Monroe quote “Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature.” FYI:  This doesn’t mean that I throw it out to anyone.  It just means that I don’t see the big deal that people make over sex because as long as you’re doing it the SAFE way and not with everyone Tom, Dick, and Harry. Back to the topic though.  When you look at the meaning behind all of their music there really is NO DIFFERENCE.  Beyonce talks about getting some just as much as Trina and Lil’ Kim, but here’s the difference:  Beyonce uses metaphors to talk about sex while Lil’ Kim and Trina just put it in your face (no pun intended).  I mean have we not heard “Look Back At Me” by Trina?

“Hope you got a mile for a d*ck I wanna run/Slap it in my face/Shove it down my throat”

Now compare that to Beyonce’s “Ego”:

“It’s too big, it’s too wide/It’s too strong, it won’t fit…He got a big ego”

Now if you don’t know what Beyonce is talking about and you’re over the age of 15 (probably younger then that, but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt) then you need to ask someone.  Beyonce is so subtle with her lyrics!  There’s no way in hell I’d ever let my teenage daughter listen to a Trina song  if I can help it, even if it’s clean.  I don’t have time to give any 5 year old the birds & the bees talk!  I think another big part of Beyonce’s lyrics being so acceptable are the fact that her fans have grown up with her.  I’ll do a little break down for you.

When Destiny’s Child first came out I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade I believe.  Back then she was singing about Bug-A-Boos constantly calling her, blowing her phone up, no good men who would Say My Name when his friends were around, being a Survivor and being an Independent Woman (yes DC3 was the first with the Miss. Independent NOT Ne-Yo and Jamie Foxx).  Then she started dating Jay-Z when I was in about 7th grade or 8th grade and she came out with Dangerously In Love and telling us how Crazy In Love she was with Jay-Z in fact she was so in love she started wearing the booty cutters. B’Day came out when I was in 11th grade and it had the topics of donning your Freak’um Dress to the club and getting all the attention, leaving a man and taking the Kitty Cat along with you and of course the break-up anthem of the year Irreplaceable which they blasted at  junior prom and the military ball for some reason making girls break out into choreography of walking around a guy, lip synching, and showing their poor date to the left.  Then we reached the I Am…Sasha Fierce era (my first year in college) and she let the cat out of the bag while talking about how big her man’s Ego was, letting ol’ boy tape her on his Video Phone, and of course she had Single Ladies which resulted in little Asian boys across sea busting out their splits (quite disturbing).  As we can see Beyonce has slowly transitioned into her over-the-top sex appeal as her fans have grown older because trust me, if she had have been singing about annoying dudes who still couldn’t pay her telephone bill I would have dropped her years ago.

Then when it comes to the dancing you can’t even compare.  Growing up I honestly don’t remember Trina or Lil’ Kim dancing in any music videos, and if they did they were probably some stiff moves which is why I can’t remember them, although I’ve heard about some crazy Trina concerts with lap dances.  Beyonce is known for shaken her butt though, I mean it’s honestly her claim to fame because when she did that “Crazy In Love” with the infamous uh-oh-uh-oh booty shaken scene we were all trying copy it!  If you say you weren’t you’re lying to yourself.  I mean, the way Beyonce dances is the way that people in my generation dance so I don’t see the big deal because we all have a hidden twerk master deep down inside of us and Beyonce just capitalized on that, hence the recent era of Sasha Fierce.  You’ve gotta respect her for that though because I sure as hell don’t see anybody complaining about Miley Cyrus’s little slutty butt when she’s without the blonde wig and swinging on stripper poles.

Finally, the dressing aspect.  Would you rather your daughter look up to the woman who dons a pasty over her nipple or the one who is able to rock a beautiful long flowing Oscar De La Renta gown?  I’m pretty sure you took the latter.  The point is mainstream America is not about to welcome some little hoochie Black girl into their house to corrupt their children and that’s what we’ve got to realize.  I mean, sure Beyonce had her hits and misses after Dreamgirls but she was still covered up on the red carpet of the Golden Globes and Oscars.  Has Lil’ Kim or Trina even been invited to either of these events?  NOPE and it’s all because of the reasons I stated.  Long live Queen Bey!


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  1. Even beyond her musical gifts, Beyonce is gaining acclaim as a songwriter, record producer, actor, and fashion designer.

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