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Response: Naked vs. Non-Naked Time (How Important Is Sex)

Posted in November 2009, Relationship on November 30, 2009 by B. Jones

Okay, so I haven’t posted on here in a minute but I was recently on Naked With Socks On and came across an article titled Naked Time vs. Non-Naked Time .  If you didn’t click on the link it was basically an article where a guy spoke on a conversation that he had with his friend about how they’ve matured as males especially in the area of females.  I’m not a man (Duh!), but I think the articles main subject of how much time you spend with the opposite sex (or same sex if that’s your thing) naked or clothed can speak to both genders.  I’ve only dated one person and only one person has had the pleasure of seeing me naked.  Of course it took a year and five months many dates of opening the door for me, silent treatments, and earning of my trust to reach this point.  I think that might have been the greatest decision of my two year relationship because we’re still together.  There are times when I regret this decision (mainly after he’s upset me), but it made my relationship stronger than most.  Sex is important in my relationship.  Seeing how I don’t see my boyfriend that often now (we mainly talk on the phone or Skype) I make sure that when he’s home he leaves satisfied physically. Continue reading


Where Are They Now: J-Boog & Lil’ Fizz of B2K

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Former B2K members J-Boog & Lil’ Fizz (who just happened to be my favorites) have performed a horrible performance on Mo’Nique’s late night BET TV show.  I NEVER watch this show, but the one day I’m home from school for Thanksgiving Break these fools have to be on there.  They’re out promoting a new CD they have called Nightlife, but I bet every single day they kick themselves for leaving B2K.  J-Boog has lost that sex appeal he had when I was 12 years old unfortunately, back then I was ready to marry him at the drop of a dime.  Guess I’ll be listening to their old music the rest of the week.

Oh yeah, Lil’ Fizz’s birthday is tomorrow he’s turning 24 I believe.  Yep, true fans don’t forget birthdays I guess.

Shakin’ It For Daddy Robin Thicke & Nicki Minaj

Posted in Entertainment, November 2009 on November 25, 2009 by B. Jones

Download Shakin For Daddy Dirty mp3.

This is Robin Thicke’s latest song featuring Nicki Minaj.  This is something different for Robin Thicke I think.  I still love it though!

The Skorpion Show: Beyonce & Kelly Skit

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Okay, this just adds more reason as to why I LOVE this show!  Kevin and Makael do a little skit showing Kelly Rowland coming over to see Beyonce for Thanksgiving.  These guys are so effin’ HILARIOUS!  If you’re not subscribed to them I highly recommend heading over to YouTube and pressing that yellow button for them.

Prime Example Of YouTube Gone Wrong

Posted in November 2009, Random on November 25, 2009 by B. Jones

Okay, this is a prime example of why everyone doesn’t need a digital camera because they upload sh*t videos like this.  I honestly don’t know what to say about this chick YouTuber because there is no way in the hell I would upload a video of myself being SEMI-NUDE looking like this.  Honestly, I’m cool with people being accepting of their bodies no matter which way they look but please don’t put it on YouTube for everyone to see.  Also, what “woman” wears Axe body wash?  For once in my life I do not want to be included as a sexy lady.

Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t: The AMAs

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So the American Music Awards just went off not too long ago and I must say it was BORING!  J. Lo took a tumble during her crappy performance and let the music overpower her whisper voice.  Samuel L. Jackson had on what looked like a silk shirt and tie with a suede suit?  I’m not sure, but someone correct me if I’m wrong.  He lost major badass points from me for that.  I didn’t know what in the HELL was going on with Alicia Keys.  This whole superhero thing is not cute.  Plus I’m tired of the yeast infection cat suits that she’s been wearing lately especially that purple one in the “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” video.  I love A. Keys, but is it just me or has she lost her touch since  getting with Mashonda’s husband Swizz Beat?  What else?  Adam Lambert seemed to throw his crotch in one of the faces of his dancers which left Twitter in an uproar!  Trying to get blow jobs on national tv is NOT cool!  Also, I didn’t know what was going on with Whitney Houston but her voice was NOT doin’ it for me.  This is a prime example of why crack truly is wack!  I don’t know what in the hell was going on with Rihanna’s little alien get up and what in the hell was that going down her neck?  I pray that whatever it is AIN’T permanent.  I loved Lady Gaga’s performance though.  My Mom was sitting over here trying to figure out if she was an alien chicken prostitute.  ^_^ I’m also mad that Gloriana  beat her out for Break-Out Artist.   I missed Janet’s performance unfortunately, but managed to catch Jermaine thanking Allah doing good and well the rest of the family are Jehovah Witnesses.  {Bet Joe beat that butt afterwards}

Also Taylor Swift beat out Michael Jackson ‘Entertainer of the Year’ which I found very fitting seeing how both her albums are still in the Billboard Top 100, her first album is the best selling album of THE DECADE, and honestly she’s had a really good year.  Everyone wants to complain about Michael Jackson not winning, but the CD was nominated for was from THREE YEARS ago.  Now c’mon son, most people didn’t even give a damn about the King of Pop before his death now they want to cry over this?  Give me a break and let the girl have her shine!

Things NOT To Say On Twitter: Chris Brown Edition

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So, I must have missed it this but supposedly Chris Brown said Jay-Z was a “cornball” during his acceptance speech at the American Music Awards.  Now we all know what saying stuff about Jay-Z leads too.  (Have we seen or heard T-Pain anywhere since he said that stuff about Jay?)  I wish I was computer literate and new how to post all the stuff said about Chris after this comment, but they were all along the lines of him being immature.  Oh well, you know you got a CD coming out don’t try committing COMPLETE career suicide son.!  Also everyone is trying to make #Cornball a trending topic on Twitter.

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